Great Ideas Get Sparked at any Moment in Life

Our Story

Extraordinary ideas start with creativity, thought and at any moment in life. That thought easily becomes an idea and that idea turns into a reality! That reality creates the moment then sparks a desire that goes beyond anyone’s expectations. HuMō Media Group was turned into a reality when founders Isaac Natal and Roberto Candelario Jr, were sitting in a backyard in front of a fire exchanging ideas beyond their imagination! “Fire is a combustion or burning, in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke.” What happens when you take the oxygen out of that fire? It goes into smoke. Our company is that oxygen that feeds a spark into that fire (Your Vision) and in return sucks the oxygen out of it to create the smoke (turn that vision into a success for your business.)

Our Approach

HuMō Media Group offers a native-organic approach to branding, creating and marketing. Our model is “we are customers first”. Our approach is from the consumer side which gives us a better understanding on how to market your business, service or product. We begin by extracting a deep understanding of your vision, goals and expectations. We combined all three to create and build the right marketing plan to make your business successful.

What is Expected

We are built on relationships. When you choose to work with us, you don’t become another customer, you become a part of the HMG family — and we become an extension of your company to create a peculiar, unique and individual approach to your business needs.